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3-Axis High Precision Joystick

Control the motion manually at 10 nm/s to 8 mm/s.

Plug & Play Joystick for the GO Motion App

  • 3-axis Joystick
  • Ergonomic design
  • High resolution Hall Effect Sensors
  • 1,5 kg base for steady operation
  • Connects over USB


Nanometer Precision at Your Finger Tips

The PRECIBEO GO Joystick is a high precision 3-axis joystick for high resolution microscopy. The ergonomic design and the 1,5 kg heavy base enables steady manual control of movements from nanometers to millimeters.


The GO Joystick has the following functionality in the GO Motion App:

  • A full stroke with the GO Joystick equals 2 orders of magnitude of speed, e.g. from 0,1 µm/s to 10 µm/s or 10 µm/s to 1000 µm/s.
  • The max speed is chosen through buttons in the GO Motion App or with keyboard shortcuts.
  • The left button saves the current position and the right button helps you lock chosen axes.


Just plug the GO Joystick USB connector into your computer, and you are ready to GO!

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Availability: Ships in 4 weeks.

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