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PRECIBEO GO Controller

PRECIBEO GO Controller

1 265,00 €Price

Plug & Play Motion Controller

Run up to 3 axes with point-to-point motion control.

Point-to-Point Nanometer Motion Control

  • 3-axis Controller
  • Point-to-Point Motion
  • Trapezoidal Velocity Profiles
  • PID Regulator
  • Connects over USB
  • Easy-to-Use Command Set


Nanometer Motion Control for Microscopy

The PRECIBEO GO Controller enables point-to-point nanometer motion control with trapezoidal velocity profiles and PID regulation. Each PRECIBEO GO Controller controls up to 3 stages simultaneously and easily connects with your computer over USB.


Get started by connecting the GO Stages to the GO Controller, connecting the GO Controller to your computer and installing the PRECIBEO GO App´s.


The PRECIBEO GO Motion App can run multiple controllers with up to three stages each. Move the stages with the buttons in the App, your keyboard or the optional joystick.


The PRECIBEO GO Command App enables plug & play command control with easy to use commands such as Speed, Go To and Read Position.

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Availability: Ships in 4 weeks.

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