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Fast & Simple OEM Integration
PRECIBEO OEM Product Video
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  • Point-to-Point Motion Control with PID

  • Trapezoidal Velocity Profiles

  • Smooth Continuous Motion

  • 5 N Push / Pull Force

  • Lifts up to 0,5 kg at >5 mm/s

  • Fast Step & Settling Times

Nanometer Precision over Centimeter Distances

The PRECIBEO GO OEM System allows you to easily move an object from A to B with nanometer precision over centimeter distances. The system is designed for delivering the precision, load capacity and ease of use needed for fast and simple integration into compact OEM solutions.


The high precision linear stages has an operating force of 5 N, lifting up to 500 grams at more than 5 mm/s. The stages provide smooth motion, fast step & settling times and are self-locking at rest, allowing you to hold position when power is off.

Get Started with the Development Kit

Integrate one or more stages into your product and control the stages simultaneously with easy to use commands. For instance, to reach the position (x=1000, y=100, z=0.010)µm in a 3-stage system, simply send the GoTo command “GT x1000 y100 z0.01”.


Get started with the Development Kit, where the D1E Mini Driver Board is stacked on a Breakout Board with Power Supply and RS485/USB Converter Cable. Just plug the Power Supply into the wall socket and the RS485/USB cable into your computer and you are ready to GO.

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